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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Development and Practice



                                         Volume 1, Number 1, December, 2016



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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Development and Practice


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                                           Professor T. A Iranloye

                                                             Editor in Chief


                                         Professor Y.K.E Ibrahim

                                                        Assistant Editor in Chief


                                       Professor Abdulkarim Agunu

                                                             Managing Editor


                                                   Dr. A.O Shittu

                                                             Press Editor


                                                      Dr. (Mrs). A.R Ayanniyi

                                                          Circulation Editor













                                                              Associate Editors

Prof. M. Odunola – Unilorin (Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry).

Prof. E.O. Ajaiyeoba – U.I (Pharmacognosy).

Prof. H. Hajara – A.B.U (Pharmacognosy).

Prof. J. Kolawole – Unijos (Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry).

Prof. W.O. Erhun – O.A.U (Pharmacy Practice)

Prof. E.O. Iwalewa – U.I (Pharmacology).

Prof. M. O. Akanmu – (Pharmacology).

Prof. I. Ogaji – Unijos (Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology).

            Prof. C.O Esimone –NAU (Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology).

Prof. J. Akerele – Uniben (Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology).

Prof. O. Alebiowu – O.A.U (Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy).

Prof. S.S Gyang – Unijos (Clinical Pharmacy and Practice).

Dr. A.O Abioye – U.K (Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy)

Dr. A. Giwa – Unilorin (Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice)

Dr. O.I Aremu – Unilorin (Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy).


Note from the Editor in Chief

As part of the practices in the word today, the inter-cum-multi-and-trans-disciplinary research is embraced in order to effectively address pressing human problem from holistic approach. No known single discipline is sufficiently equipped to provide satisfactory answers to all that bug the inquisitive mind of the modern man about the planet he is humble inhabitant of.

The birth of this journal is to serve as a platform for disseminating information principally in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical  Technology, Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Molecular Drug Design, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Cell Biology, Genomics and Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, etc.





The Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Practice [JPRDP] is published biannually [March and September] by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

All manuscripts are subject to peer review. Those of high quality (not previously published and not under consideration for publication in another journal) will be published without delay. Such articles must report original research work.

To this end, the publishers of JPRDP will be glad to receive articles for publication in the journal. Copyright of articles published shall reside exclusively with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts [in English] are to be submitted to:

The Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Practice

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Ilorin, Ilorin. Nigeria.

E-mail:  and  

GSM : 08033735843 [Managing Editor]; 08034388786 [Press Editor];


Authors are required to pay a processing fee of two thousand five hundred naira or ten US dollars [#2,500.00 or $10.00] on submission of an article (Reviewer’s fee). For an article found publishable after peer-review, author[s] will be required to pay a publication fee of fifteen thousand naira only or seventy five US dollars [#15,000.00 or $75.00] per article not more than ten pages of A4 paper. Additional page(s), attract a fee of #2,000.00 per page.

Manuscript Format
The preferred format of all manuscript is MS Word. Illustrations (figures) and images must be inserted in the manuscript at the position they should appear when published.


Preparation of Manuscript
Medium of Presenting Paper is English. Each manuscript should be typed single-spaced on A4 (8.5″ × 11″) paper size with 1 inch margins. It should be arranged in the following order: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References.

Title Page 
Title page should contain title of the paper in bold face, title case (font size 14), names of the authors in normal face, upper case (font size 12) followed by the address in normal face lower case. The author to whom all correspondence be addressed should be denoted by an asterisk. The title should be as short as possible and precisely indicate the nature of the work. Names of the authors should appear as initials followed by surnames. At the bottom left corner of the title page, please mention “*Address For correspondence” and provide a functional e-mail address. Address of the corresponding author to whom all correspondence may be sent should be given only if it is different from the address already given under authors’ names.


Should start on a new page after the title page and should be typed in single-space to distinguish it from the Introduction. Abstracts should briefly reflect all aspects of the study, as most databases list mainly abstracts. The manuscript should have an abstract 150- 250 words.


Provide four to six appropriate key words after abstract


A short introduction of the research problem followed by a brief review of literature and objective of the research.


Materials and Methods
Describe the materials used in the experiment, year of experimentation, site etc. Describe the methods implied for collection of data in short.


Results and Discussion
This segment should focus on the fulfillment of stated objectives as given in the introduction. It should contain the findings presented in the form of tables, figures and photographs.


Should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text (not in alphabetic order). Identify references in text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals in superscript. References cited only in tables or figure legends should be numbered in accordance with the sequence established by the first identification in the text of the particular table or figure.


Journal Articles
Karawya, S. F, El-Nahas, A. F. (2000). The protective effect of vitamin C on azathioprine-induced seminiferous tubular structural changes and cytogenetic toxicity in albino rats. Cancer Therapy. 4: 125-134.


Shashi A, Jain SK and Pandey M (2008): In-vitro evaluation of antilithiatic activity of seeds of Dolichos biflorus and roots of Asparagus racemosus . International Journal of Plant Sciences. 1:67-71.

A Book
Kalia, AN (2005): A Text Book of Industrial Pharmacognosy. CBS Publishers & Distributors, First Edition, Pp.


A Chapter in a Book
Nadkarni, KM (2000): Indian Materia Medica. Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, Edition 3, Vol. I: 242-246.


Tables and figures should be in the text at suitable place. Only MS word table format should be used for preparing tables. Tables should show lines separating rows but not those separating columns. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and bear a brief title in capital letters normal face. Tables should not be very large that they run more than one A4 sized page. Table format should be as follow:

Phytochemical Analysis of successive extract of…………



                                               Chemical Constituent         Aqueous Extract         Ethanol Extract


Abbreviations, Units Etc
The journal strictly follows the rules defined in the IUPAC Manual of symbols and terminology for physicochemical quantities and units.


Submission of Manuscript
All manuscripts (must be in English and in MS Word format) and should be submitted through e-mail at / as an attachment for quick evaluation .


Copyright and Permission
Submission is a representation that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors would be required to sign a form (to be supplied by the Editor) transferring copyright before the manuscript can be published.


Ethical matter
Authors publishing results from in vivo experiments involving animals or humans should state whether due permission for conduction of these experiments was obtained, from the relevant ethics committees, in the Materials and Methods section. In addition, authors wishing to publish research work involving human studies should also send a notary verified letter of approval from the Ethics Committee or the Institutional Review Board.


Publication charges: To know more about publication charges kindly send us email at /

Subscription details:
Frequency: 2 Issue per year
Subscription period: One Year
Subscription type: Individual / Institutional / Industry

To know more about Subscription details kindly send us email at /

Authors are requested to send their research articles according to the given format mentioned in the guidelines to the editor.


Galley proof & Reprints – Galley proof will be sent to the corresponding author

       (unless otherwise indicated) who should ensure that it is returned without

       delay. Order forms for reprints and price list will be sent along with the galley

       proof. Five free reprints will be given for each article.


Ethical considerations – It is the  responsibility of authors using experimental

       animals and human subjects in their work to seek approval from the

       appropriate Ethical Committees.

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Contents of Journ. Pharm. Res. Dev. & Pract. Vol. 1 No. 1 December 2016

Originals Articles

Contents                                                                                                             Page

Physicochemical Properties and Compact analysis of a new Directly

Compressible Filler-Binder “Tstarac” and its Utilization in the

Formulation of Ascorbic Acid Tablets. A.O Shittu, A.B  Afosi                                            1-11


Formulation of Metronidazole Suppositories with Modified Cocoa

Butter and Shea Butter Bases for Enhanced Stability in Tropical Environment

A. Adegoke, F.A Oladimeji, and A.O Oyedele.                                                                  12-24


Antimicrobial Screening of the Combination of Vernonia amygdalina and

 Calotropis procera Methanol Leaf Extracts

A.T Kola-Mustapha, Y.O Ghazali and T.A Iranloye.                                                        25-33


Bacteriological Assessment of River Lavun, Bida Niger State, Nigeria                               

A. Aliyu, A, Ibrahim, Y.K.E , and Oyi, R.A                                                                        34-46

Bacteriological Quality of Locally Fermented Milk (Nono) and

Commercial Yoghurts Marketted in Ilorin. A.O Shittu, M.S David , A Aliyu,

R.H Belloand R.O Olajide.                                                                                                  48-59


Anti-inflammatory and Diuretic Activities of Moringa oleifera Lam. (Moringaceae)

and Andrographis paniculata Burm.f.(Acanthaceae) Co-administered in Rats

B.A Lawal, K.M Salawu, A Agunu, I.R Adedoyin, G.O Abdul-Ganiy,  and R.O

Ayanniyi                                                                                                                                  60-68

Comparative phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activity of the

stem and seed of Telfairia occidentalis hook. F. (cucurbitaceae). N.S Njinga,  

M.T Bakare-Odunola, S.T Abdullahi, J.A Okonkwo, and O.H Oladimeji,                      69-78


Medicines Prescription Pattern in the Management of Hiv/Aids

Patients in Public Hospitals, Kwara State, Nigeria

F.E Williams, A.O Awoyemi, D.B Parakoyi, E.T Jolayemi, and  T.M Akande.                79-96


Antimicrobial Screening of Bridelia ferruginea Benth (Euphorbiaceae) Stem

Bark Extract in Dermatological Formulations. O.I Aremu, A. Adewoyin,

and K.M Salawu.                                                                                                                    97-106