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Pharmakon: means drug in Greek, cognosis: means knowledge of drugs. It is one of the core Centre of the Faculty and is based on drugs/medicine from nature. The Department is as old as the Profession of Pharmacy, it’s the study on how Drugs/Medicine are obtained from Plant, Animals or Mineral Resources which can be directly used or modified into what is today called Orthodox drugs. The Department took off in 2010 with Qualified Academic and other Support Staff from Institutions in the Country.


To train students who will graduate with the right attitude and knowledge required In the 21st Century.

To generate teaching resources such as textbooks, monographs, manuals and other resources

To generate income and create wealth by producing patentable high quality natural products that will be safe and efficacious, thereby contributing to healthcare services.


To make the Department a model in the training of Pharmacy students and scientists using national and international ethical, fostering learning and provision of pharmaceutical services to the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and Humanity.